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Calculate and Compare

It’s worth the time to compare all your current home lifestyle expenses to see for yourself how making your move to Montgomery Place is the smart choice. This self-audit does not include unanticipated costs for major and minor repairs, not to mention the stress of finding the right contractors to make them.

Monthly expenses

Your current lifestyle, home maintenance costs

Living at Montgomery Place

If you own your home

Mortgage payment $ Included
Association or condominium fees Included
Insurance Included
Property taxes Included
If you rent your apartment
Rental fee $ Included
Garage parking fee Additional Fee
Utility payments Included
Electricity $ Included
Gas Included
Water Included
Telephone Included
Basic internet Included
Basic cable or satellite TV Included
Home security Included
24-hour emergency response system Included

Housekeeping and maintenance

Housekeeper $ Included
Laundry service Included
Lawn care, snow removal Included
Trash removal Included
Gutter cleaning Included

Food and dining

Groceries for meals at home $ Dining points
Restaurant dining


Exercise and fitness classes $ Included

Also includes

Cultural and social activities

$ Onsite concerts and lectures


Cab, Uber, Lyft, parking fees $ Scheduled trips for shopping in Hyde Park and other destinations
Companionship of interesting people Priceless!

Your total monthly cost