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Assisted Living for Seniors in Chicago

Senior Assisted Living in Chicago

Stay connected with what makes you tick

Memories. Connections to life become fragile as cognitive challenges emerge. We honor your achievements, talents, and interests and incorporate them into daily life. Because we know what you like, we’ll make sure you have an opportunity to do it. As a member of our assisted living community, you’ll enjoy a sense of connection.

Our standing as an Illinois-licensed memory care unit ensures our staff employs innovative approaches to help you with cognitive challenges. If needs change, short-term rehab, and skilled nursing care areas are located under the same roof as our assisted living community.

As people age, their individual needs change, and they may find themselves needing varying levels of assistance to perform everyday activities, yet still wanting to maintain their independence for as long as possible. An assisted living facility offers people the best of both worlds by providing them with care and assistance as necessary while allowing them to continue to live as independently as possible.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities serve as a bridge between living independently at home and living in a nursing home. These communities are designed to make everyday life easier for aging individuals. They offer many services and amenities so residents can choose how much assistance they want, and these programs can be adjusted as needs change. Available services vary widely among facilities and may include any or all of the programs listed below.

  • Room service
  • Laundry service
  • Cleaning services
  • Social activities
  • Classes
  • Transportation services
  • Medication management
  • Exercise and wellness programs
  • 24-hour supervision

What are the Benefits of Assisted Living?

Although there are many benefits to living in an assisted living community, the primary one is that these facilities provide the perfect combination of supervision and independence. Not only are the homes carefully constructed to accommodate aging individuals, but residents also have easy access to staff members 24 hours a day if necessary. This assistance can set your or a loved one’s mind at ease if there are worries about medical problems or accidents. You’re free to be as independent as you want to be and you can choose to take advantage of available services so you can spend your time doing enjoyable activities instead of daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning.

Another great benefit of assisted living is the socialization it offers. You’ll be part of a large community with other people in the same stage of life as you, so you’ll have plenty in common with them. Whether you want to participate in classes, to exercise, or spend time working on your favorite hobby, you can find like-minded individuals within the community to share the experience with. This can help you form connections and prevent loneliness.

How is Assisted Living Different from a Nursing Home?

Some people think of assisted living facilities and nursing homes as synonymous, but in reality, they are extremely different in the type of care they provide. When you are trying to find an appropriate level of assistance for a loved one, it is important to assess their individual needs to determine which type of senior housing will be most beneficial.

Assisted living communities are intended for seniors who still want to maintain a certain level of independence. They may be able to move around and function well on their own but need small amounts of assistance completing daily tasks. Assisted living facilities may help with medication management and have staff available 24/7 for emergencies, but do not typically provide the specialized, long-term medical care that nursing homes do.

Nursing homes are senior living facilities designed to care for people who can no longer take care of themselves due to physical or mental conditions. These homes provide specialized medical care and rehabilitation services to help their patients but typically do not offer much, if any, independence. If your loved one can no longer function on his or her own, a nursing home may be the better choice, but if he or she simply needs a little assistance with daily living and wants to be part of a lively community, assisted living may be the way to go.

Located on Lake Michigan near Lake Shore Drive, Montgomery Place is an assisted living community dedicated to helping senior citizens enjoy life. Spend your time on our beautiful grounds enjoying numerous classes, activities, and social events, or take a short trip to East Lagoon for a stroll with a friend. Our mission is to help you live your best life by offering assistance when you need it, so contact us today to see if we are the right place for you to live.

Champion for dementia friendly neighborhood

We are proud to be part of the first official “Dementia Friendly Neighborhood” in Chicago and grateful to the organizations that lead this thoughtful  collaboration: Chicago Hyde Park Village, SHARE Network and The Memory Center at University of Chicago Medicine.