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Montgomery Place focuses on safety, daily life during this time of COVID-19

A St. Patrick’s Day like no other. I’d prefer to be celebrating with the Irish!

I’m happy to report that currently there are no cases of Coronavirus or COVID-19 within our community, nor are there any suspected cases.

Members of our executive leadership team have moved into our building to serve as a constant around-the-clock presence for residents and staff members.

We continue to take proactive measures to reduce the risk of exposure and transmission of the virus and to sustain a sense of community for residents and staff members.

  • Our strict no visitor policy is in full effect.
  • We are testing staff for symptoms at the start of every shift.
  • Throughout the day, our wellness team conducts wellbeing checks at each apartment to ensure residents know we care they feel safe.
  • Since we eliminated communal dining, our staff delivers all meals to residents’ apartments. Most are pleased with the timeliness and quality of their meals.

We have made considerable progress in providing several platforms for face-to-face communication for residents and their families. We strongly encourage you to reach out via FaceTime, Google chats or WhatsApp. All may be found and downloaded from the app store on your smart phone or tablet.

Voting ballots arrived. We delivered them to all residents who requested them. Residents completed their ballots. The Board of Elections picked them up on Tuesday evening. We know it is important everyone had an opportunity to vote.

Your continued support and communications are important to residents, and to us. Just as it is for you, the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents is constantly top of mind for us.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time. Working together, gives us strength.