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Montgomery Place opens more internet highways as we do our best to stay at home during this time of COVID-19

It’s been a relatively quiet day. The sun has come out giving us hope for warmth.

We continue to say we are COVID-19-free. We are grateful.

It is our human nature to push back against restrictions. So adhering to the most recent restrictions Governor JB Pritzker announced with his Stay-At-Home Executive Order may have ignited a rebellious streak in some who want to be out and about. Today, if I could have measured the pervasiveness of cabin fever, our community would have registered in the triple digits. Because we are a very social group, confinement is difficult. Our new limitations are hard on everyone.

Still, residents are figuring out how to get together: Twenty-two participated via a ZOOM meeting in a study group. Technology is becoming our savior as our staff helps navigate new devices and residents begin to feel comfortable with new ways of connecting.

Let’s remember there are old-fashioned ways to connect as well: Encourage your loved ones to reach out and call dear friends and colleagues. Offer to check old personal address books, most likely still in some drawer, for phone numbers.

We’re not the only ones confined by this worldwide pandemic.

Our techies are assisting with powering-up myriad devices and software: iPads and smartphones, Facetime and Google Home, to name a few. We’re opening many channels for connecting with each other. If you’d like another added, just ask.

Today, we sent around café menus to everyone. Residents only need to call extension 7460 to place their orders which will be delivered at no charge to their apartments.

For now, we have asked residents to only visit the lobby to pick-up mail and to go out for a walk. Social distancing is so critical to stopping the spread of this virus. Please encourage everyone who lives and works at Montgomery Place to comply. Because we’re such a social group, our habits and muscle memory need retraining.

Tonight, I’m signing-off early. I’ll be back with your loved ones again on Sunday morning.

I am very sincere in asking you to call me with your questions, suggestions and requests for assistance. By now, you might even have considered putting my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, on speed dial. I hope you do!

Staying together—at a distance of six feet—makes a difference. We’re under one roof and that helps. And we must remember the whole point of Illinois’ Stay-At-Home Executive Order is to STAY AT HOME.