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Montgomery Place thanks our neighbors, seeks to learn from other countries and encourages “stay-at-home” during this time of COVID-19

To all family and friends of our loved ones at Montgomery Place:

Today, being Sunday, I encouraged residents to make it a day of reflection and time for family and friends. Hopefully you were able to have conversations by phone and talk to your loved ones. We encourage them to talk with their friends, who are in the same situation. Fearful of the unknown, isolated and ready for this to be over, all of us need connections.

People are starting to get stir crazy. It is hard to break the habits of going to the Café for coffee, talking with the front desk staff, chatting with friends in the Café, or reading the newspaper in a common area or Library.

The whole concept we are promoting, however, is “stay at home.” For residents, this means staying in their apartments. I know it is tough. We are working to offer more technology alternatives for those who use smart devices, but we have some individuals who just don’t use technology. So, we are closely monitoring them as this isolation will impact them. But please, please, please remind and encourage your loved ones to remain in their apartments.

They can call our front desk for anything they want or need. Today we not only delivered our regular meals, but also newspapers, packages, messages, toilet paper and coffee to those who called. We understand it’s difficult to ask because, for some, asking represents a lack of independence. So if your family members share with you something they want, please send me an email and we’ll get those items to them.

I’m spending some time researching and learning more about this virus. I’m trying to learn from some of the first countries to be invaded by COVID-19—China, South Korea, India, Italy—about what they wished they had known or done prior to the pandemic spread. From those comments and insights, I can help prepare for what is yet to come. With this process, I’m seeing a few points that I’ll share here, and I shared with residents on Sunday.

The number of U.S. diagnosed cases and deaths continues to grow. But I cannot find much media coverage about the number of recoveries occurring as well. Recoveries are what we need! As the number of individuals who are positive grows, it is possible for those with immunities to increase and, perhaps, lowering the risk for the overall population.

I’m reading that it takes about two weeks to recover if you are positive with COVID-19. Recoveries seem to be tracking with the increase in cases with about a two week lag.

Another item I’m observing is that countries where this virus started are beginning  to see a decline in the number of new cases. This is a strong indicator that precautions, such as isolation, are beginning to work as the virus runs its course.


The USA still is in the growth side of the curve. This is why we must comply with prevention precautions to flatten the curve.


For those of you interested, here are links to two sites for the preceding charts:

We are grateful to report donations have arrived during the last few days from our Hyde Park neighbors who have given us exam gloves, masks, alcohol wipes and much more. We truly appreciate their thoughtful generosity. And, their kindness certainly demonstrates this challenge is bringing us together as a community!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time. Working together, gives us strength.