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Montgomery Place cherishes the power of giving of self during this time of COVID-19

To all friends and families, yesterday I wrote about how the picture can change so dramatically with just a slight turn of the kaleidoscope. Today, that picture changed with news that we have three cases of COVID-19 positive patients.

At this point, our known cases are contained in our skilled nursing care wing on the second floor. All three patients are in isolation, and a team of two nurses are dedicated to treating them. These two nurses are not caring for any other patients.

These remarkable members of our staff are stepping forward in a most professional way. Please join me in commending them because I cannot sufficiently express my thanks for what they have volunteered to do. We only can fight and treat residents who contract this virus with the dedication and skills of nurses and doctors as well as lab technicians and scientists.

We continue to reach out with personal calls and conversations with families of our residents who are affected. It is so difficult to be apart and feel distant from loved ones as they fight this virus. My own son and family have been symptomatic for two weeks, but are all now recovered after experiencing only mild symptoms. So I know the sense of fright and concern and how difficult it is to be far away when first hearing about this diagnosis.

Our team of dedicated staff and professionals, who work tirelessly beside me, are all committed to continuing to contain this virus. We are learning and listening from other providers fighting the same battle and trying our best to get ahead. You and I both know this is a nearly impossible challenge. That said, we are not surrendering.

This week we prepared a special meal for Passover on Wednesday. And on Sunday our chef and his team are preparing a special meal for Easter. The traditions and rituals of these faith traditions help center us and keep us strong.

I am taking a few days to rest by going home tonight. Four to six managers and staff members— They are our champions!—will be at Montgomery Place throughout the weekend. I still will send nightly reports this weekend. And, I will return on Monday.

In the meantime, you can find me by calling 773-617-1317…at any time.

Savoring the generosity of each other, gives us strength.

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