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Montgomery Place continues to provide solutions  during this time of COVID-19

On a personal note, my test results came back this morning…NEGATIVE! So I’m back at work and happy to be here. It was an interesting 24 hours of wondering. I had prepared for the worst and was pleasantly surprised at the news. I can’t say I was scared. I think being this close to the daily aspects of this virus has allowed me to be analytical and realistic. But I realize that not everyone is in this same position and it is scary for many.

Today, test results arrived for all the residents who had not yet been tested who live in our skilled nursing care wing on the second floor. Nearly all were negative results, but three individuals did test positive. So these families are feeling the scary part of this virus. Let’s all keep them in our prayers for recovery. Our staff has moved these three residents to our new COVID-19 isolation unit where they are being monitored and treated by a dedicated team.

We also learned today that two individuals in our independent living wing tested positive. Our team of nurses had identified some changes in their conditions and behaviors that alerted us to complete their testing process. Both will continue to live in their homes. While handling much of their care themselves, they have the support of our entire caregiving team and extended staff. We have ordered special items to help them be comfortable and to monitor them closely throughout the day.

In total, we can report the following:

3 Number of people who have recovered
2 Number of people in the hospital
6 Number of skilled nursing care residents who tested positive
2 Number of residents in independent living recovering at home
13 Total cases reported

Each time we receive positive test results, we focus on two factors:

  1. Contact listings—to discover how someone may have contracted the virus
  2. Containment protocols—to evaluate how to limit the spread

We may never fully determine how the virus was contracted. But if we do, we alert others, who might have been in the high-risk zone of contact, to monitor themselves and to be extra vigilant about their own physical changes and symptoms.

We encourage everyone to continue with the same protocols that we have been practicing for the last month—social distancing, hand washing, isolation, symptom monitoring—and we continue to find new ways to reduce the points of hand-to-hand contact with staff. Today, we installed hooks on each door to deliver mail, which we wash when it arrives from the post office, and food deliveries. While we still want to see all our residents…this new system makes it possible to maintain the CDC’s recommended 6-foot distance from another person.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we are encouraging our staff members to get tested at the University of Chicago Hospital. Many have signed up and we provide transportation to make it easier for them.

Within the next few days, we expect to have the 15-minute rapid test kits available for independent living residents. Even though they are not quite as accurate, they provide results almost immediately to help us assess the current situation and give comfort to our residents. The caution is that testing is only as good as the day it is taken. This virus can strike the day following testing so we cannot let our guard down.

We cannot stop this virus. We can continue to flatten the curve here at Montgomery Place. We are doing well toward this effort right now. Let’s keep strong in our efforts!

Please contact me with your questions, suggestions or requests for assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Pursuing solutions, gives us strength.

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