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Montgomery Place stays strong during this time of COVID-19

After a snowy morning, it was a beautiful day from my inside view. It was just plain cold out, even at 5:00p.m. today when I ventured out for business. Spring struggles to arrive in Chicago. But it shows promise with daffodils sprouting up along South Shore Drive.

There is not much change in our daily scene today. So I’d like to talk about the various articles reporting on nursing homes across our region and around the country. Many vilify long-term care providers. Some coverage suggests a nationwide failure of nursing homes. I’m asking you to consider a different perspective.

Even though some people may not want to acknowledge it, there are circumstances when families can no longer meet the needs of loved ones when they stay in their own homes. It is then, relying on their physicians and social workers, families seek the resources offered by long-term care facilities for their aging family members.

Montgomery Place is one such resource for families. Among a continuum of living options, we offer long-term convalescent care. We also provide short-term stay rehab to adults who after surgery, such as a joint replacement, need extra care before making it possible for them to return home.

Over the years, CMS rates our community with four or five stars. U.S. News & World Report also gives us top honors. We succeed in helping people return to their home after short-term stay rehab as well as long-term care for individuals with chronic medical conditions when they no longer can care for themselves.

And then COVID-19 comes along.

No matter what and how we prepare. No matter how much we train our staff. No matter how much we strive to prevent an invasion. This virus can thrive in skilled nursing care environments. COVID-19 seeks out medically compromised individuals living in close quarters who rely on lots of contact with caregivers. Nursing homes, by their very nature, become perfect breeding grounds for this virus!

There is no playbook for a pandemic like the one we now face. We are following all the guidelines as they are issued, adjusting nearly each day.

Today, for instance, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Chicago Medicine told us how impressed she was because we started early and continue to pursue numerous ways to mitigate the advance of COVID-19. She thinks we have been ahead of the curve. Yet, she cautioned us, everything we’re doing still might not be adequate for battling this powerful virus.

Please consider—contrary to many news articles during the last few weeks—the invasion of COVID-19 may not be the fault of the care providers.

While I’m not defending every provider of long-term care, please consider these questions as they relate to our most vulnerable residents here:

  • Would Mom and Dad be safer if they were not at Montgomery Place?
  • Where else might they receive 24/7 care?
  • What happens if I, as their caregiver, get sick?
  • Who cares for them?

Every day we ask ourselves, “What else can Montgomery Place do that we are not already doing?” While we may not meet all your expectations, we can and do care for all our residents’ needs 24/7. Many families would not be able to do this. The choice is yours.

No one wants to need long-term care. The fact of life is many do.

My point today? Reflect on what our staff members and residents accomplished during the last six weeks at Montgomery Place. We are not like some communities reported in the news.

Remember, COVID-19 preys on our most vulnerable. We strive to do our best so everyone at Montgomery Place—residents in skilled nursing care and rehab, in assisted living and memory support, and in independent living, as well as our staff providing myriad services and programs—are not this villain’s next victims.

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Staying strong with you!

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