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Montgomery Place lauds leaders of our nursing team, increases testing during this time of COVID-19

The day is nearly over for most, but for those working in healthcare, it continues  24/7. Our nursing team dedicates its nights to putting in place new operation practices and organizing all their resources. They are pulling together a “new normal” for our around-the-clock operations. We are improving education, signage, supply organization and team development. 

 Of course, there have been some struggles as we have worked through creating this “new normal.” I see how all this work yields impressive results. Our “new normal” is coming together! A very big thank you to our Director of Nursing Sheletta Sprouse and our Lead Nurse LaFaye Garth, as well as the many, many nurses and staff members who are creating our new, reassuring daily routine. 

On Friday, we took swab samples from all residents in our assisted living wing. I’m pleased to report that 93 percent tested negative. But one person tested positive. I’ve already spoken with this person’s family, and we share confidence in our plan and efforts. S/he is not demonstrating any symptoms and is resting comfortably in the  apartment called home here. Staff members continue to provide care, making only a few slight modifications to enhance personal protective equipment.

This coming week, we will offer rapid tests to independent living residents and encourage them to take the test. While they are not as accurate as nasopharyngeal tests, they meet two other criteria: they are quick and easy to administer on-site, and no one needs to leave home.

If someone receives a positive diagnosis for this rapid test, we recommend taking a full nasopharyngeal test to confirm a positive result. Still, we will monitor everyone  with negative test results because we know no test is 100 percent accurate. We believe taking this test provides a certain degree of comfort.

I will share more about testing as the days go on.

Until tomorrow, I bid you all a good night.

If you have questions about testing or any other matter, please call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Working together, our nurses give us strength.  

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