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Montgomery Place provides guidance during this time of COVID-19

I hope all of you had a chance to talk with your family this weekend. I’m planning to call my kids tonight. Technology makes it possible for me to remotely watch my grandkids grow and change. I just hope they recognize me in person when we finally get together—instead of just looking for me in a smartphone.

As we work with the various patients who are positive for COVID-19, each individual reacts differently to their conditions. Most are faring very well, and others are beginning to struggle. We communicate with the patients and their families to know their desires for treatment. Some will choose to return to a hospital for advanced treatment. Others will choose to just let nature take its course and remain here, allowing us to be with them, caring for them. We are, to a great extent, their family and they want to stay at home.

I share this information because it is likely that, in the coming days, we may be announcing that one or more residents may die due to this virus. This news again will create some fear and so we want to address concerns early with you. We do work with families to visit in the last days, if they desire. Please feel free to reach out to me at 773-753-4096, to Rev. Laura at 847-977-1984 or others whom you trust for guidance.

Getting people to wear a face mask to comply with recommendations from the CDC, IDPH and CDPH, among others, has become one of the single hardest struggles. They are hot. They muffle our voices. And we just really want to see someone smile! But wearing a face mask is our new reality.

Recent information about masks suggests that wearing cloth masks is all you really need for normal day interactions as you go for walks or have interaction in a non-healthcare setting. Surgical masks are recommended for healthcare workers. They are lighter weight, but they are not designed for extended use. And the N95 masks are really only recommended for healthcare workers who are caring for individuals who are positive for COVID-19.

So there is no need for you to wear N95s. They are hot and uncomfortable. It’s difficult to breathe through them—that is why they work against transmitting COVID-19. We encourage all non-direct healthcare workers to use cloth masks. Because donations have poured in, we have started an exchange program. Drop off one cloth mask in the “used” box and pick a new one from the “clean” box. Make a fashion statement each day.

The key is…wear your mask over your mouth AND your nose. Not very many people breathe through their chins, so it is essential to cover your nostrils and mouth.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time by calling my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317.

Until tomorrow…I hope you have a wonderful safe evening.

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