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 Montgomery Place reports data but that’s not the real story during this time of COVID-19

 To our dedicated friends and family,

 Many of you may have read the news about CMS announcing a new requirement for nursing homes to report cases of COVID-19 to the CDC. This is a reaction to recent media reports about some nursing homes that have not been forthcoming with disclosures. Some of these reports are shocking.

 While I do not make excuses for their failure to report, I do understand part of the challenge to reporting the consequences of COVID-19. When we had to report early cases, it was a phone call to talk with a staff member at the health department as a way to provide basic information. 

Within a few days, a website, which didn’t really work, replaced staff members.  As it was improved, the site’s purpose expanded to include questions related to cases we report. Instructions are minimal and confusing, and it’s a challenge to find answers. But we do the best we can to report. 

Although I must admit reporting took a back seat to dealing with day-to-day issues facing us, especially in the early days. Now, we’ve caught up on patient reporting. 

During the last several weeks, I sincerely hope you feel that my reporting to you has been open and honest. As we share this journey, I never have nor will I ever hide anything from you. 

Personally, I don’t want to reduce this crisis to a numbers game. This pandemic is about people. Human beings—patients and caregivers along with their families and friends who love them—affected by unimaginable, unanticipated changes to daily life. We are fearful about who might contract the virus. We are very grateful for our healthcare workers, who put themselves on the line every single day to fight this virus and how it affects us. I firmly believe numbers cannot begin to tell the complete story.

 But we will continue to report and to care for each other. For Montgomery Place, our reporting began on March 29, 2020. Collectively, our cases are now listed in the following categories:


Status Residents    Staff
Cases recovered 3 4
Cases hospitalized 3 0
At home recovery in process 3 5
Staying in skilled nursing care 5 0
Deaths 0 0
Total cases reported 14   9


We keep a positive attitude. We sustain our strategic battle and diligent efforts to contain this unrelenting virus. Please keep us in your prayers.

It is so reassuring to hear from so many people. Your questions, suggestions and words of wisdom help us. Please call at any time that’s convenient for you. My mobile phone number is 773-617-1317.

Sharing this journey, gives us strength.

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