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 Montgomery Place determined to stay the course, mourns a loss during this time of COVID-19

As I’m sitting at my desk reading emails and news articles, I wonder what to write about. Each day I find myself dealing with regulations and “the here and now” instead of exploring strategic concepts proposed to confront COVID-19 and wondering what I should share with families and friends.  

Tonight, I’m turning to DOVE® chocolates for advice. I just unwrapped a milk chocolate and read the message inside, “You Got This.” What a profound message! Each moment, regardless of what it might be, can influence our attitude and approach.   

We may choose to give in…I hope not…or we may choose to embrace this challenge with a positive attitude…”I got this”…and forge through the challenge.  

At Montgomery Place, we are doing just that each and every day. From always  wearing masks (oh my, they get hot and stuffy!), to wiping down every surface 10 times a day, to remembering the majority of us are blessed with continued good health and to a newfound appreciation of conversation with another human being. 

I sought more sage advice with a second DOVE® chocolate and read, “Don’t stop until You are Proud!” We must keep our resolve to defeat COVID-19! Let’s be proud of our efforts and our accomplishments so far. Our efforts embrace everyone—residents who faithfully accept confinement…families who miss their loved ones….and staff members who struggle with absence from their family and mourn the loss of ones they love. We should be proud of the roles we play in this effort to contain COVID-19. They matter. We make a difference. 

Our roles during this struggle are not always easy. Today, we mourn with one of our staff members who lost a brother. We also mourn with a family who lost a loved one who lived at Montgomery Place for many years. Her family is our family. These deaths hit us hard. I see this in the tears shed as our staff members  lovingly prepare the deceased body, crying and remembering so many cherished interactions over the years. We have been cautioned to keep social distancing, but today, hugs were needed to get people through these rough challenges. 

Our positive resolve fuels our determination to stay the course. Our sympathy and empathy provides comfort as we endure the struggles of life and death. Our humanity. Our beliefs. With these guideposts, we survive today and each day going forward. 

Today, we have had no new cases of COVID-19. Still, we share our cumulative report about those who have tested positive since March 29, 2020. Some numbers indicate their transition from one category to another since my report on April 20. 

We are mindful that each number represents a person. That individual’s life. Today, we also celebrate the victories of two individuals who have “recovered” from COVID-19.  

Status Residents   Staff
Cases recovered 5 5
Cases hospitalized 2 0
At home recovery in process 3 4
Recovering in skilled nursing care 3 0
Deaths 1 0
Total cases reported 14  


Yes, one resident, who tested positive for COVID-19, has passed away. This person was 90 years of age and had been in hospice for several months. COVID-19 indeed complicated this individual’s health challenges, but was not the sole factor of death. 

We respected the wishes for a peaceful transition expressed by our resident and family. Our hearts go out to this family and to all families who are losing loved ones in this time of COVID-19. One of our roles as a skilled nursing center is to provide care for individuals at the end of their natural life. May each of us find peace and resolve to lean into our challenges, each and every day, until we can say “I got this!” 

I welcome your calls to discuss what is on your mind today. You always can find me by calling my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time. 

Caring for each other, gives us strength.


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