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Montgomery Place heroes inspire us during this time of COVID-19

Dear friends and family,

In every disaster we find heroes. You learn about them in the news. Firefighters at 9-11 who ran into the Towers. Local townspeople who lend a hand at cleanup and rebuild after tornados. Electricians who drive thousands of miles to help re-connect regions after hurricanes.

And now, the dedicated staff members who are giving so much to help fight through this COVID-19 crisis. Healthcare professionals, firefighters, police officers, 911 responders, nurses, volunteers serving meals, city agency personnel making well-being checks on seniors, and even grocery store clerks who go to work each day to keep food on people’s tables. All are heroes!

Heroes are those who fight while they overcome their own fears. They include their families who sacrifice their loved one’s time away to care for others. They are staff who volunteer to give more than just their regular schedule to fill in gaps for others who might be out sick or taking care of family.

Heroes are working at all levels here at Montgomery Place. I cannot name them all as there are so many. I may not even know all the sacrifices some have made to be here serving you. But I must say thank you to all of them! They are my heroes!

While I said I could not name all our heroes here, I share just a few whom I witnessed in action on Saturday:

  • Doreen—a nurse juggling care for many patients, but taking time and acting with compassion to stop and ask how someone else’s day was going
  • Davion—a security guard doubling as front desk support, wheelchair escort and dispatcher for deliveries from the Café
  • Prince—a supervisor for nursing helping stock supply shelves, coordinating staffing to sustain a complete workforce and lovingly holding the hand of a dying patient, saying “I’m here for you”
  • LaRon—a maintenance worker stepping in to help deliver meals at noon
  • Shannon—a nurse from an agency showing joy at being here and willingness to do whatever it takes, not fearful of a new environment

Each day there are many more heroes, here and throughout our Chicago area! Say a prayer of thanks and send best wishes to all who help us survive this disaster.

Our day today at Montgomery Place was busy and eventful in a normal course of business sort of way. On the COVID-19 front, it was announced late Thursday that healthcare workers could be tested even if asymptomatic, after we and others lobbied for several weeks with our elected officials.

Several of our staff went in for testing on Friday with the expectation that we would find some asymptomatic positive individuals. And our expectation was met. Two individuals, who have shown no symptoms, were identified. They immediately began to isolate at home during a quarantine period. Now, we are working to monitor individuals who were in close proximity and at higher risk of contamination.

As I discussed in last night’s message, this testing allows us to begin to curtail the continued spread of the virus. I will report again tomorrow night the tallies of all cases and their recovery progress.

Have a quiet evening.

On Sunday, you can find me at any time. Just call my mobile phone, 773-617-1317.

Thanking heroes, uplifts all of us.

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