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Montgomery Place promotes using the gift of found time during this time of COVID-19 

To friends and family, 

The handwritten letter has become almost a lost art form. And yet when we receive hand-addressed mail it is the first thing we open. We set aside the bills, the advertisements and look to see “Who sent me a card?” In today’s world of technology, communication is typed. It is much easier to edit, to correct spelling and to change your thought process when you can just touch the backspace key. But it does remove the impact of personalization. 

I say this as I am typing my message to you and feeling guilty about not following my own advice. I can come up with so many excuses: my handwriting is sloppy, it takes too much time, I don’t have your address. Oh, but we do have that kind of  time right now.   

The Stay-at-Home order has created an enormous amount of time. So now is a great time to sit down and write that personal letter or card to…your mother, son, grandmother, daughter, best friend or even to a long-lost colleague. Make someone’s day by letting them discover a handwritten envelope in their mailbox! 

Because we no longer are accustomed to writing letters, you might ask “What do I write about?”   

Here are some ideas about ways to get started:

  • Describe the finches that are nesting and busy in the magnolia tree blooming on the south side of Montgomery Place’s building
  • Share your impressions about a book you have just read from the library cart this last week
  • Inquire about how they are passing their time—hobbies, books, learning something new and write about how you are passing time
  • Recount how you explored the beauty of waves of the lake crashing into the rocks on Promontory Point

 And if you are not into writing, pick up the phone and make a call. Hearing someone’s voice brings back floods of memories. On Saturday, my experience arranging calls between family members to loved ones in our skilled nursing care wing showed me how easy and important the value of connection is. Yesterday, I saw many residents’ faces brightened with smiles and felt their anxiety ease. Reach out. We all need to be in touch right now. 

You really don’t need a specific reason to call me. My mobile phone, 773-617-1317, is always nearby. 

Staying connected, gives us strength.   

P.S. My best message to you: Nothing new to report on the COVID-19 front as it was a quiet day.  

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