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Montgomery Place remains vigilant during this time of COVID-19 

Dear Friends and Family, 

The end of another day, and the grime of winter is being washed away with a spring rain. I hope it also could start to wash away the grime of COVID-19 as well. 

We can say again today “no news is good news” on the COVID-19 front. Our residents and patients continue to be virus-free. Several individuals have been tested during the last few days, just as precautionary measures, and all have tested negative for the virus. Still, we do continue to caution everyone that this virus is not over. We still must be careful. 

But everyone is getting restless, and rightfully so. All of us are ready for spring and getting out into the fresh air and enjoying life with friends. Our challenge is to sustain patience. Christian teachings regard patience as a virtue of the Spirit. Regardless of spiritual teachings, it is a virtue of life to have patience. For me, this virtue is one of the hardest to achieve because I am a pioneer and a visionary, someone who embraces change. So patience is difficult. I implore each of you to help me remember the virtue of patience as we embark on these next 33 days of Stay-at-Home in Illinois. 

Daily life is still amazingly busy, even though our number of COVID-19 patients has declined. Now, we are preparing for “Round 2” in this fight, as we anticipate another outbreak after our Stay-at-Home policy is lifted and fall begins. Our team stays focused on education, training and is in procurement mode to prepare for the next round. Supply chains are opening up, but we still are not well-stocked in areas such as nitrile gloves (you cannot imagine how many get used each day!), alcohol wipes, thermometers and pulse oximetry machines. It is hard to build lasting inventory because we consume materials nearly as fast as we can procure them.  

The thermometer shortage, reported last month by the Chicago Sun-Times, continues to affect people at home as well as all healthcare settings. At Montgomery Place, we have had 12 thermometers on order for more than 30 days, with promises of delivery “any day now.” I just wonder when that “day” will arrive. 

Our leadership team met on Monday to discuss how we should continue with “on-site 24-hour” management. It is exhausting! But we understand the value that this presence has for our night staff, patients and residents, and families who cannot be here. We will continue our round-the-clock presence through May. We are expanding our talent pool by including more middle managers into the process. Not only does this experience provide management training, it also offers relief to our  senior leaders who have been spending three to five nights per week onsite. We will evaluate again later in May when we learn about changes in Illinois’ Stay-at-Home order. 

Today was National Superheroes Day. This year, medical and first responder personnel are championed as the superheroes of COVID-19! Next year, maybe we can get back to Marvel Comics superheroes. Have a good night, and dream of  becoming a superhero yourself! 

Please feel free to reach out if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time. 

Patience, gives us strength.  

P.S.   The nursing home strike currently reported by Chicago media does not affect Montgomery Place. It has been initiated by another nursing collective bargaining unit.

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