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Montgomery Place looks to getting ready for June  during this time of COVID-19

 Dear Friends and Family, 

Many of you may not know that I grew up in Kansas. Home of wheat, sunflowers, prairies of blue stem grasses, buffalo…and tornadoes! And yes, The Wizard of Oz! “There is no place like home!” was a phrase that for many years I never cared to hear. I always was an adventurer—loved to travel and explore new places, not stay at home. But last night, as I went home to my apartment—only the sixth night since this all began—I appreciated this phrase so much more! 

My response, most likely, is quite different than what most of you are feeling about now. You are probably sick of being home and ready to get out and about. But we will and should stay the course for a few more weeks. Starting with last night, I will  spend more nights at home, entrusting Montgomery Place to my trusted leadership team members: our executive team including Paul Zappoli, Stefanie Dziedzic and Mike Clark, as well as core leaders including Abel Juarez, Shawn Cannon and John Rurka. They will more frequently trade out nights to keep our team fresh. We realize we need to adjust our “sprint pace” to a “marathon pace” to stay in this race. 

During May, we will start bringing in some additional services. We have asked a  podiatrist to start appointments and will offer outpatient therapy provided in apartments and hallways for independent living residents. And contractors will tackle building maintenance projects that have been deferred for the last 45 days.  

None of these services will interrupt residents’ daily life in their apartments. Everyone will wear PPE and follow sanitation protocols. Taking these steps now set the stage for beginning to move back to a somewhat normal life in June. 

I always invite you to ask questions. By now, you probably have memorized my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, but I will repeat it to encourage you to call me. Along with your feedback, they help me prepare my communications to you. Please let me know what topics and information you would like me to share. My goal is to offer added comfort and security in these coming weeks. 

Until then, have a good night, and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! 

Planning for our future, gives us strength.  

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