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Montgomery Place finds joy in everyday service during this time of COVID-19 

Dear friends and family, 

I hear from so many of you supporting our efforts and sharing praise for the work we are doing. I share these messages with staff on our “Wall of Thanks” because the work is theirs…not mine.   

Tonight, I am returning an expression of thanksgiving. I just concluded a conversation with one of our staff members who shared the joy he received because he could help residents today. His work was, in his expression, not all that complicated, but the smiles and appreciation he received for everyday tasks—installing batteries in a telephone, connecting a new TV and resolving an internet speed issue—totally made his day! 

These reactions are not uncommon. The Montgomery Place staff members are unique in their dedication to providing service. We live to serve! It brings joy and satisfaction to us when you, residents and families, are comforted and reassured during these uneasy times of COVID-19. Many times the greatest joy in life is giving to others, and it is so absolutely true. Giving of time, energy or finances brings joy to the person who gives. And it brings the most joy when you see the results through smiles and excitement in others.   

So tonight, on behalf of our staff members, I say an exceptionally large THANK YOU for letting us serve you and giving joy to you! 

It is with some trepidation, and yet excitement, that I share with you Montgomery Place is once again COVID-19-free! All cases of residents are now beyond their 14- day quarantine period. One individual remains hospitalized in recovery from latent effects of this virus but is considered “officially” recovered. We count our blessings and remain vigilant to keep this virus away from Montgomery Place. 

Other accomplishments here today included:

  • Continuing housekeeping to clean apartments and change linens
  • Introducing residents to various staff members during our noontime live news on Channel 4
  • Pursuing more education about the virus—Did you know a person can shed elements of the virus for 30 days or more, but they are not contagious after 14 days?
  • Maintaining our food supply chain despite the disruption in meat supplies due to processing plants being closed for COVID-19

 We look forward to our continued service each and every day! 

When you want to share ideas and ask questions, please call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time. 

Sharing joy, gives us strength.  

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