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Montgomery Place, energized by words of thanks, plans for future challenges during this time of COVID-19

It was a quiet day…filled with many individuals getting a breath of fresh (cold) spring air. We still remain COVID-19-free!

It is officially the weekend, but as I spent much of today working with bankers, lawyers and many on my management team regarding issues stretching from the CARES programs, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, ongoing business issues and daily staffing challenges—plus preparing for the next phases of this war against COVID-19—I feel blessed that residents are safe and respect the work we do to try to keep this virus out of Montgomery Place. I also am blessed with such a wonderful team of leaders, including staff in all positions from housekeepers to cooks, from middle-managers and C-Suite personnel helping us all through this pandemic.

As I receive thank you notes from so many of you, I share them with the entire team on our “Wall of Thanks.”  This week, the Hyde Park Herald included a half-page tribute to my team reflecting some of the encouraging messages I have received. Your messages keep us going.

We still have a long journey ahead, and we are dedicated to sustaining our service to our residents and families. Our team is growing. So instead of laying off employees, as many businesses have done during these last weeks, we are hiring. RNs, LPNs and CNAs are in demand and so we act quickly. We are expanding our wonderful healthcare delivery team and fully training everyone to be prepared should we begin to suffer a loss in staff due to COVID-19.

During this atypical time, how we deliver our services has changed in the last few weeks. Our residents are very well aware of many changes because they see it every day: nurses visit from their doorways twice a day; food is delivered to their apartments with an excessive amount of paper products.

Residents also see how staff patterns have changed to meet the requirements of screening for COVID-19 symptoms with temperature checks for every single person who walks either in or out of our front door. They see every single person now wears a face mask at all times.

You also see numerous changes in society as you face a different world outside your own doors.

Let’s keep being responsive to making changes as needed. Keep going! Just know that we remain dedicated to you and your loved ones every day.

Because Sunday is family day, please connect with your loved ones. Share your love, stories and joyful memories. Create smiles and laughter because we know it is the best medicine!

I welcome your calls to answer questions, hear suggestions or assist with a request. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Being a team, gives us strength.

Good Night.

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