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Montgomery Place remains focused on  “stay-at-home” directive; Residents’ Council continues to share information and arranges a virtual sing-along

As I was reviewing earlier posts, I see that my “family” has grown from just under 100 individuals to 167 recipients of my daily posts. Social media is picking up my notes to you so they’re being read by many others.

I am glad I can share our journey through COVID-19 with you. If you are willing, please help us enhance our online review presence via Google and Yelp. We are most grateful for all the wonderful comments and words of encouragement you share.

At the end of today’s post, I’ve included a list of wellness tips I picked up and already shared with residents, and now families, to address some challenges to our mental psyche during this crisis. While the author is not named, you will see her credits at the end of her post.

As a city, we still not have reached the top of the curve on this virus. Our Governor and Mayor continually plead for us to “stay at home.” At Montgomery Place, we are keeping people “at home,” but here is an observation that I’d like to share with many of you who are family members. Are you staying home? I ask because I see many people bringing items for their parents and coming to trade out medication boxes. Are you doing your part to “stay at home?”

I admire your dedication to your parents or relative at Montgomery Place, but ask you to consider how can we work together to reduce your need to go out shopping instead of “staying at home” as our Governor and Mayor admonish? What is it that your parents need that our staff at Montgomery Place cannot deliver? Or, if necessary, Amazon or other delivery services? We will add more items to our convenience store’s inventory if you just tell us what they need. Our nurses can handle medication management by filling pillboxes for your relative. Various pharmacies make regular deliveries to Montgomery Place, so you don’t have to pick-up prescriptions. PLEASE, let’s work together to reduce our social interactions.

Paula Givan, the president of our Residents’ Council, sent around a video today showing how everyone can make their own masks. The video was created by the Surgeon General. Thank you, Paula for finding and sharing these instructions.

Paula also arranged a virtual sing-along using Zoom on Tuesday evening. Local musician Doris Kirschner will perform. Everyone is welcome to join in.

That is all for another weekend at Montgomery Place. I’m headed to have a virtual dinner with my family, so wrapping up early today. Enjoy!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time. Working together, gives us strength.

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Mental Health Wellness Tips during Quarantine

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