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Montgomery Place sustains its practices to protect residents, staff during this time of COVID-19

To residents and family members,

As many of you read in our earlier communication, a patient in our short-term rehab unit was our first to test positive for COVID-19. I dedicated my day to managing a whirlwind of communications, as well as planning and reporting to designated agencies and entities.

As I’m starting to wrap up Tuesday, I must say “Thank You” to all who have expressed support to the staff for our efforts. Your kind messages touch our souls and give us strength to continue our war against COVID-19.

Perfectly normal questions from both residents and family are centered on “How close is it to me?” Many staff members experience the same anxious concerns.

Here, I share a bit more while protecting the identity of the affected individual,  about our processes. My intention is to instill some calmness about the situation.

  1. Do we test patients for COVID-19 before they are admitted to Montgomery Place? Yes, we require proof of a negative test prior to admission. But here are a few points (not mine, but from various web sources) that may shed more light on this point.
    • In some regions of the country, false negatives are estimated at 30 percent.  I doubt we experience this level for outcomes, considering our resources, but false negatives test results do occur.
    • Some carriers never present symptoms, or their symptoms are so minor they are not recognized. In reading some accounts of cases, symptoms can be as simple as a drippy nose in the morning that goes away or a sore throat that disappears with that first cup of warm tea.
    • This virus is known to stay active from between two and four weeks, with 13 days being the average duration. So a 14-day lookback period may not be adequate.
  1. Is the patient still at Montgomery Place? Yes, that is why we reported it as an active case in the building. The patient is in isolation.
  1. Will the patient be sent home? I don’t know. We cannot discharge someone due to this diagnosis. Our first obligation is to care for the patient according to the individual’s care plan. When the patient is able and the family can fulfill continued needs, a discharge will be arranged.
  1. How do I know most residents did not have any interactions that might cause reasons to worry?  At Montgomery Place, we have been in “lockdown” since Friday, March 13, so it is unlikely that any residents had contact with this patient on the second floor in the healthcare wing.

Tomorrow, we will continue to do all that we have been doing for the last several weeks. Our nursing professionals will continue to care for patients and residents in the same manner.

On this World Health Day, we applaud the work of our RNs, LPNs, CNAs and support staff who care so deeply, today, tomorrow and each day thereafter.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Working together, gives us strength.

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