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Montgomery Place stocks essential items for residents during this time of COVID-19

 To family and friends of Montgomery Place,

As news confirming the number of positive cases in Chicago continues to climb, we count our blessings that COVID-19 remains at bay at Montgomery Place.

 Yesterday, in my note to you, I suggested evaluating ways that we could work together to continue our efforts with our City to contain this virus. I was not suggesting that family members are not welcome to bring things to your loved ones.

 I simply asked you to consider ways we can help “shop” for your parent. Why?

Today, I witnessed someone—not wearing a mask as suggested to Chicagoans— delivering batteries for his parent. If we know what residents need and want, Montgomery Place can provide these items and you can reduce points of interaction in our neighborhood.

 Today, we circulated to residents a list of items already for sale in our Café Store:  Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, milk, salt and pepper, Matzo (last box), laundry soap, dishwasher pods, shampoo and body wash, toothpaste, toilet paper, Kleenex, Tylenol, Advil, cough drops and postage stamps. We’ve already ordered paper towels and batteries which should arrive this week.

 Please tell us what else you are providing for family members, and we’ll stock those items in our store. Our supply chains are broader than just Amazon and we receive deliveries several times a week.

 Several people have inquired about residents going outside for walks, especially with  Mayor Lightfoot directing citizens to stay indoors. At Montgomery Place, we suggest  strolling on the pathways in our gardens of our private Terrace overlooking Lake Michigan. The public cannot access our Terrace.

 If residents choose to walk on city sidewalks and park paths, but not along the lakefront which the Mayor closed, they can do so. If someone opts for more public walkways, we highly recommend covering faces—using a variety of options from surgical masks to homemade masks—and practicing your social distancing. Fresh air does us all good in these continued weeks of confinement.

 We removed many hand-sanitization stations during the last few weeks. Because this commodity is harder for us to source right now, we are reserving our current supply for medical purposes until we can replenish our inventory.

 Remember, using commercial hand sanitizers are only one resource. In fact, using soap and water to wash your hands under warm water for just 20 seconds frequently throughout the day remains one of the most effective and plentifully available solutions.

 With these items on Monday’s priority list, all is well at Montgomery Place—for today. Our residents and staff members are preparing for Passover and Easter as our lives must go on in service to others.

 My shopping list is always with me. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, with your suggestions for stocking our Café Store. And, of course, please contact me at any time to discuss any suggestions, concerns and questions you have.

 Planning together, makes us smarter and safer.

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