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Montgomery Place looks to the future during this time of COVID-19

Life in healthcare is like the weather…wait a day and it will all change.

On Tuesday, we informed you that a patient was COVID-19 positive. Today, we share with you this same patient was discharged to go home. So once again, Montgomery Place is free of COVID-19. Tomorrow?? We can only stay the course to sustain all our practices to ward off more cases.

Each day, this virus consumes so much of each of us. And, yet, we have to plan for the future.

Behind-the-scenes, we are starting to get ready for returning to a more normal life.

I know everyone here is eager to again mingle with friends and return to activities.

For our business, we are setting the stage to launch a marketing campaign so we can welcome new residents to Montgomery Place. We are planning and developing programs to continue to engage staff in quality improvement plans. Our team of architects, designers and construction contractors continue advancing our plans to maintain and improve our physical plant.

All of this forward-looking work is happening, while at the same time we continue to develop our strategy for dealing with more possible COVID-19 incidents. I doubt it is about to stop just yet.

We ask that you all stay the course with us through this journey.

Until tomorrow…

And, remember I’m just a phone call away to answer any questions or to be of  assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Working together for today and tomorrow, gives us strength.

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