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Montgomery Place shares news as it changes daily during this time of COVID-19

As I shared with our staff today, we have to look at life on a daily basis as if we are using a kaleidoscope. Each day looks different, with even the slightest twist changing the view of the day before. And, like looking for the beauty of the newly configured image with each turn, we find some more pleasing than others. Today was a gorgeous looking day. And, the next one can be different.

Wednesday took another turn in our kaleidoscopic world of COVID-19. We learned one of our residents in assisted living, who is in the hospital for other reasons, tested positive for COVID-19. As unsettling as this news is, it reminds that anyone of us could be a carrier whether or not we show symptoms.

One of today’s bright spots was Happy Hour. Once each month we serve from a full open bar for the residents. Today, we took the bar to each floor and encouraged residents to come get a drink—while practicing their social distancing—also offering a few minutes to see their neighbors. They have been isolating for more than two weeks and this small respite gave them joy.

The Chicago Tribune’s Howard Reich contacted us this week to learn how our families are staying connected in these early weeks of COVID-19. Creshanna Henry, concierge, and Stefanie Dziedzic, chief relationship officer, are recruiting both residents and families for this story. Howard’s coverage will be a great way to showcase our efforts at Montgomery Place.

I’m signing off early tonight. May you have a restful night.

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Sharing our stories, gives us strength.  

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