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Montgomery Place seeks many perspectives to implement new strategies during this time of COVID-19 

Good Morning to Friends and Family of Montgomery Place, 

Many years ago, as I was starting out in the senior living industry, a manager of mine employed a unique approach with our team. He would task us to individually bring a solution to an issue. Each of us would present our solution and argue its merits. Then, he would shift the dynamics and direct each of us to argue the other person’s perspective and solution.   

I remember the first time I experienced this very challenging, eye-opening approach. It was difficult! We have a tendency to be myopic in our thinking, assuming that our perspective yields the only “right” answer. When, in fact, the information influencing our viewpoint may indeed be one-sided. It isn’t until we expand our thought process to include other perspectives that we can identify a solution benefiting from all perspectives. 

I’ve been arguing with myself, using this perspective challenge technique, to consider the approach we are taking toward COVID-19. As new information and research are continually shared, our healthcare leaders react and shift as they attempt to contain the impact of the virus. I think I understand the science. I can evaluate the statistics. But what about the human factor? How are our healthcare leaders factoring into their decision-making process the all-important human need for socialization? 

I have no magic answers on this topic. I have no recommendations for implementing any new strategies. I only have questions. As I pose these questions to you, I ask you to share your perspective with me. Through sharing, we may find a fresh collective perspective on living with COVID-19.   

Here are a few questions for you to ponder through the day:

  • Is your isolation to protect you from COVID-19 worth the cost of not seeing and hugging your grandchildren?
  • As a child or grandchild, could you live with knowing you might be the one who carried COVID-19 to your parent or grandparent?
  • Are you a “health worrier,” fearful of dying of this virus or other diseases?
  • Have you found a “peace” in the point of view that you would rather “live life” and increase your risk of exposure to the virus?

These and so many more questions help us explore how to forge a path for our “new normal.” 

I am very sincere in asking you to share your responses to these questions and others you’d like to propose. Please send your ideas to or, if you prefer, call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time. 

Broadening our perspectives might open a door to wisdom.   

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