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Montgomery Place says “no news is good news” during this time of COVID-19

Dear Family and Friends,

For the last five days, it’s been a series of “slow news days”’ at Montgomery Place. I now have a much greater appreciation for the efforts of journalists and news broadcasters when it comes to finding interesting topics for the daily news. I often feel as if I am hitting the replay button for a videoclip.

This is good news!

At least for us at Montgomery Place, we are finding a pattern and getting comfortable with this new normal in the world of COVID-19. We continue to make small adjustments to daily life, striving to create gatherings of people so they can engage in conversations and social interactions. There is an energy that develops as we begin to fulfill an obvious need to socialize.

Our challenges are where to conduct these meetings and respect social distancing, to engineer a way to hear speakers talking through masks, and to make sure everyone keeps their mask in place. But these challenges are surmountable with dedication and creativity.

We are focused on keeping the second wave of COVID-19 away from Montgomery Place. As we see spikes in many other cities, we certainly do not want to experience a resurgence in Chicago or among our residents and staff here.

With our increased availability of testing, we encourage residents to get tested periodically. Staff members are in the process of testing every week during July. As part of this month’s testing program, IDPH will bring its mobile unit to Montgomery Place to conduct the last week of testing on Monday, July 27. Please participate. Let’s prove all our efforts toward infection control are working.

Being free of COVID-19 is the replay button we want to touch each and every day.

We welcome your suggestions as we look for more ways to revitalize our social life at Montgomery Place. Please call with your questions, too. I am available on my mobile phone, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Participating in testing helps protect our community.

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