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Montgomery Place clarifies new protocols, remains virus-free for 33 days during this time of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy June! These last few months have flown by. We are cautiously proud to say we now are 33 days free of COVID-19 among residents in our building!

Some of you may read and monitor the reports from IDPH on the case count for COVID-19. For Montgomery Place, this online database reports our community as having three deaths and 29 cases, which includes residents and staff members. This is different from what I have reported to you. We have reported that only one person has died of COVID-19.

It is our understanding that IDPH views all deaths occurring at an address where COVID-19 is present as related to the virus. This guideline resulted in two other residents who passed away during April to be counted as COVID-19 deaths, even though they were not positive for the virus at the time of their death. The total case count of 29 is accurate. We reported positive test results for 14 residents and 15 staff members over the course of the outbreak. Should you have any questions on this process and disparity in counts, please let me know.

Today, we began our internal version of Phase 3 reopening. We now offer personal exercise classes; opened the access door from the garage for ease of those taking auto trips; and began to offer here podiatry services. We now allow the U.S. Postal Service to deliver mail to residents’ boxes—except today, USPS did not deliver mail due to the protests. We will add more services and programs this week, getting us closer to the time to arrange family visits.

We have received clarification from IDPH regarding its May 28, 2020 directive from the Governor and IDPH requiring mandatory testing in long-term care facilities. Due to the design of our building—with a common lobby, elevators and egress—requires Montgomery Place to test everyone who lives and works in our building.

We will adopt a policy for testing, which allows us to establish a testing program based on our continued success of keeping COVID-19 out of our building. The first step is to test all staff and residents. Please remember, individuals still have the right to refuse the test. All testing will be conducted in-house. During the next few days, we will announce a period for conducting tests. We still need to clarify a few more details with IDPH. And I will share information when we have a policy and plan confirmed.

Let’s be safe…and be well!

Please call me if I can answer your questions or provide assistance. My mobile phone number is 773-617-1317.

Safe practices, continue to move us forward.

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