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Montgomery Place conducts more testing during this time of COVID-19 Dear Friends and Family, In my most recent note to you on Monday, I mentioned that we are offering tests for  COVID-19 to all residents, all levels of care. Testing begins on Thursday, June 11, 2020 and will continue until all residents and staff are tested. I thank those POAs who responded by either extending current consent or declining testing for your family member. If you are the Power of Attorney for a resident and have not yet responded, please send me an email indicating your desire to have or not have your family member tested. I’ll pass these along to the testing team. If you are a resident, you can opt in or opt out of testing when a Montgomery Place nurse comes to your door to administer the test. Montgomery Place’s registered nurses will administer the nasal pharyngeal swab test, regarded as the most accurate by the University of Chicago Medical Center. Its laboratory will process them. Results are generally available within 12 to 24 hours. Because we are conducting so many tests, a nurse other than the one most familiar to a resident may be conducting the test for that person. Many have asked if they need to take another test because they just had one. It’s important to remember this test only reflects a person’s condition at the time the test is taken, and Montgomery Place completed its most recent tests in early May, just more than 30 days ago. Even though you may not have symptoms, we encourage you to be tested. This way, you will know for certain your current status regarding the virus. We also are aware that as the availability of tests has increased, the number of positive results also has increased for people who are asymptomatic. The Illinois Department of Public Health now recommends this new testing cycle for all congregate living environments including Montgomery Place. If a person in independent living is identified as COVID-19 positive, what happens?
  • That individual immediately will be notified and required to quarantine, not leaving the resident’s apartment for 14 days or until there is not a single symptom for at least three days.
  • During the period of quarantine, our nursing team will check with the resident to monitor symptoms. As long as an individual can manage his or her own daily condition while staying at home, staff will limit interactions to less than 10 minutes per visit.
  • If an individual needs continuous care and support for activities of daily living, we will refer to a physician and likely transfer a resident to the COVID-19 unit in skilled nursing care on the second floor of the healthcare wing.
  • Of course, if a resident’s health condition warrants it, that person will be transferred to a hospital.
When caring for a resident who has tested positive for the virus, all staff adheres to  what is called “droplet isolation protocols” that includes wearing a gown, gloves, face shield and other PPE which are discarded after each use. In addition, Montgomery Place brings all services, including meals, mail and supplies, to a resident’s  apartment, just like we did for everyone during March and April. I’ll provide a progress report for you on Friday. Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time. Sustaining our vigilance, makes us safer.

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