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Montgomery Place loosens restrictions during this time of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family,

Swimming, exercise classes and visiting enlivened Montgomery Place today. On Tuesday, we have planned bus excursions to several grocery stores and to the Chicago Public Library. It will be so good to see our bus touring Hyde Park.

I know that not all residents are comfortable to venture out. COVID-19 still is a threat. We see and hear various reports in the news. We are committed to providing safe options for everyone to feel comfortable in our community. And we encourage each other to learn to live safely by taking precautions in our new COVID-19 world.

We have had good results with our safety precautions during these last 45-plus days. Our staff members now make many more deliveries to residents’ apartments and always strive to make life comfortable for them. Families have increased their involvement through supplemental shopping and delivery of care packages to loved ones. And it is impressive to see how so many residents have embraced this opportunity to enhance their technology skills. Many have learned how to use ZOOM meetings, shop online and visit with families on FaceTime. We can now see some of the “silver lining” as we start to emerge from this pandemic.

Another “silver lining” is the relationship of staff and residents. Their sense of family is stronger than ever. Although their interactions are not always long, the smiles and expressions of joy are priceless. We not only have the privilege of seeing residents every day, but also see the challenges this pandemic and its necessary isolation have had on the hearts and souls of many. Seeing and feeling this negative impact is hard on all who have dedicated themselves to residents during these last few months and who keep giving of themselves every day.

Today, I ask two favors of friends and families of all who live at Montgomery Place.

  • First, please send a card of thanks, not to me, but to a staff member. I have shared the wonderful comments and thoughts so many of you have given to me, but it will mean so much more to hear it directly from one of you. A hand-written note touches the heart.
  • Second, I ask for your consideration of financial contributions for COVID-19 recovery. These last months have seen our expenses rise and our revenues decline. It will take many, many more months to recover from the impact of these last 90 days. We, like nearly every business, are evaluating methods of continued uninterrupted service with declining revenue streams.

As a non-profit organization, your contributions support our community’s recovery so that we can continue to serve at the same standards for which we are known.

Please, visit our website to help us sustain our excellence in healthcare and lifestyle programs. Designate your gift as “Other” for COVID-19 Recovery.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Enjoying our new “normal,” enlivens us.

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