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Montgomery Place reviews impact, data and insights learned during this time of COVID-19 

 Dear Friends and Family, 

 I’ve written and shared many messages regarding COVID-19 over the last 90 days, much of which I have learned from a variety of sources in internet searches. The following is an excerpt from an article I picked up from McKnight’s, a news service for the senior living industry, written and published by Haymarket Media. I couldn’t say it better…



As COVID-19-afflicted areas continue the process of reopening – some hesitantly, some with great fanfare – fears about a second wave are emerging, never mind that the first one hasn’t exactly been crushed. That said, it’s nice to walk outside in the late-afternoon sun, masked or otherwise. It’s nice to see individuals with whom you haven’t been hunkered down for the last 100-odd days, even if you spend the entirety of your time together mentally measuring the physical distance that separates you. 

Consider this a wish, then, that we’re all as smart and respectful as possible about resuming life as we used to know it – that we identify the caught-on-camera-partying-like-it’s-1999 merrymakers as outliers and do everything in our power to treat each other with decency. Say “please” and “thank you.” Wave. Make as much eye contact and smile as broadly as your facial covering will allow. It’s not hard. 

This week’s Haymarket Media Coronavirus Briefing is 1,163 words and will take you six minutes to read.

 The science

In March, we heard a lot of mangled sports comparisons about where we were in our struggle to understand the science underlying the new coronavirus (such as “the third half of the second inning”). To extend that didactic metaphor, it now feels like we’re approaching extra time in the first quarter. That’s progress. I think?

The Takeaway:

We write the same thing here every week: We’re smarter than we were yesterday, but not as smart as we’ll be tomorrow. If that momentum stalls, well, then we’ll probably babble something about hitting potholes on the superhighway to scientific and medical enlightenment. Stay tuned.

The numbers

It sure seems we’ve entered the quantify-everything phase of our COVID-19 recovery, doesn’t it? Numbers are everywhere. Some have even been reported in their proper context! Good thing there’s nothing else happening this year to keep pollsters and researchers on their toes. Oh, wait.

The Takeaway:

Not all of the numbers are positive, especially the ones detailing COVID-19’s continued spread in any number of North American locales. But at least some of them are trending in the right direction. We’ll take it.

The economics

Just-reported data showed a retail rebound in May and the most recent monthly jobs report was, improbably, vaguely non-catastrophic. But many, many people and businesses are still hurting, and the pain isn’t likely to dissipate any time soon.

 The Takeaway:

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We don’t yet know if this recovery is going to resemble a V, or a teacup, or [insert your choice of high-low-high shape, contour or silhouette here]. 

Thanks, as always, for reading. Look for the next Haymarket Media Coronavirus Briefing on Wednesday, June 24. Wishing you and yours continued health and safety.

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Thank you all for your continued dedication to shared efforts to keep COVID-19 out of Montgomery Place.

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