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Montgomery Place experiences the joys of reuniting during this time of COVID-19

Oh! What a beautiful day!

Today, we encouraged independent living residents to enjoy wine and cheese in the gardens. Many came and soaked-up the warmth of the sun for a few minutes, until it was just too hot. All the chairs in the shade were filled. It was such a joy to see people with smiles, chatting and enjoying the afternoon.

Of course, we had to remind people to wear their masks. It is a learning experience for everyone to lift that mask for the sip of wine, then replace it for conversation.
One inventive gentleman put a hole in his mask for a straw. It became a challenge, however, about what to do with that straw…should he leave it dangling from his mask or struggle to re-fit it through the hole each sip? The humor and laughter were wonderful to hear as the merits of each were debated.

Several family members who live in Hyde Park arrived to chat across the fence. We all are so anxious for closer conversation and personal touch. Today was just a teaser of what will come in the next week or so.

We are cautious and still need to spend time on how to wear a face mask. It is so tempting to pull masks down to better hear each other. Yet, these masks defend us against this virus. I think a few more days practicing how to wear a mask, until it becomes a habit, sets the stage to expand opportunities for social interaction, too.

Let’s keep learning to live in this COVID-19 world.

As we traverse a new learning curve, please call me with your suggestions and questions. My mobile phone number is 773-617-1317.

Learning something new expands our horizons.

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