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Montgomery Place cherishes the influence of fathers during this time of COVID-19 

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful, generous men who have helped raise and influence children and young adults in their lives. 

You remember that euphoric feeling when you first found out you would become a father. And the pride…and trepidation…you felt as you held your child the first time. You learned along the way there is no instruction manual. Each little personality requires different styles of approach. 

Fathers are more than bloodlines. Fathers nurture and guide, extending their desire to ensure a better generation than their own. Although I had a wonderful father, I also experienced the benefit of a nurturing male influence by my high school softball coach. Not only did he teach me the skills of baseball, but also teamwork, patience, humor and the value of practice, practice, practice. 

This weekend share the stories of your own father, for instance, from teaching you the art of tree-climbing to casting a rod and reel. Remember how they tolerated dress-up and tea parties or attended all your school plays. Think of the wisdom in their advice along the way and how, although you swore you would never say it, you passed those insights along to your own children.

 Thank you to all the fathers and father-like figures in our lives. You have prepared us to face our future with hope and resilience. 

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Sharing our memories, keeps them vivid.  

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