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Montgomery Place residents, staff receive negative test results during this time of COVID-19 

Dear Friends and Family, 

Over the course of the last 10 days, we tested both residents and staff members at Montgomery Place for COVID-19. All residents in our assisted living wing were tested and all results are negative. Test results also were negative for all patients in our skilled nursing care center. And approximately 75 percent of independent living residents volunteered to be tested and all their test results were negative. 

Staff are mandated to be tested. A few part-time staff are still awaiting testing when they report for their next shift. All test results for staff are negative. 

This is all great news! Our efforts to ensure protection are working!   

Now we just need to keep doing the basics. All recent research studies conducted to abate the spread of COVID-19 indicate the primary factors in containment: Wearing face masks over the nose and mouth, frequent hand washing, social distancing, covering coughs and sneezes, and not touching your face. The most important of these practices is wearing a mask. 

We hear Chicago is moving to its Phase 4 of re-opening plans. There are a few things the City is doing that Montgomery Place cannot yet institute. For example, while gyms in Chicago can reopen with very strict guidelines, our gym will remain closed a bit longer. As I have shared with residents, we will not expand our current plan for reopening areas until at least Wednesday, July 1. Our management is evaluating the safest ways to implement more access during the next phases.

 We are aware that IDPH has approved outdoor only visits for patients in long-term care facilities. This is available if the visitor can gain access to the outdoor area without entering a building. Our building’s design cannot accommodate these limitations because our gardens are only accessible by walking through the main floor of our building. We are discussing alternatives about how we might be able to make this work. But for now, we still must restrict visitors for skilled nursing care residents. 

On my way home tonight, I heard that “people are ‘over’ this whole virus situation, but the virus is not ‘over’ us.” Precisely stated. Let’s remain vigilant and patient. 

Please call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time with your questions and suggestions. 

Being patient with progress can pay dividends.  

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