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Montgomery Place recognizes increasing threat beyond our campus during this time of COVID-19 

Dear Friends and Family, 

I began writing this last night, but decided it best to finish this morning. I’m feeling your angst and frustration, but from a bit different perspective. So it was important to me to complete my message after a night’s sleep and more time to reflect on my thoughts. My father always advised my siblings and me to “think twice” before speaking.  

You are ready to get on with life and “get over” this whole COVID-19 mess. You are ready to dine out, go to the theater, gather in meetings (without masks so you can hear each other), and just get together with friends for good conversation!   

It is frustrating to be constrained with a steady stream of rules that prohibit many of these wonderful activities. In a variety of efforts to keep COVID-19 away from us, these rules come from my office, the City, the State and the CDC. We have been fortunate to keep COVID-19 at bay since the end of April. And yet, we still have limitations and rules that are beginning to feel overbearing. 

There are many nursing homes and senior congregate living environments across  the country that are not as fortunate as us in abating the advance of COVID-19. In fact, many locations around the country are experiencing an increasing number of cases and deaths, largely among the elderly who live there. So mandates and guidance from the CDC, IDPH and CDPH are focused on containment within those at-risk locations, but written to affect us all. Guidance issued at the end of May is again now being modified, and not in a way that allows more freedoms and a return to socialization. 

New guidance is shifting to increased testing of staff and residents in licensed facilities. As we are working through this process with CDPH, we are finding ways to limit testing only to the residents and staff in our skilled nursing care and assisted living on the second and third floors of our healthcare wing. 

We are doing our best to exclude frequent testing for independent living residents. That being said, these mandated changes are forcing us to conduct frequent and continual testing for many staff and residents. It is easy to understand the intent behind these mandates, but hard to accept the impact on our daily lives. 

So as I work through my frustrations at a business level and learn to accept the intent of these mandates is ensuring your safety by keeping COVID-19 away from our community, please consider that the rules and limitations to your return to a more socialized life are with this same intent.   

Even though we are free of COVID-19 inside of Montgomery Place, risks are  increasing around the country as this new wave of COVID-19 grows. We cannot “get over” COVID-19 because COVID-19 is not ready to surrender.

 Now that I have “thought twice” about this situation facing us as a community and as a business, I’m ready to approach a new day with a positive attitude. May you have a good day as well. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time. 

Being vigilant, keeps us safe.  

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