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Montgomery Place focuses on safety, daily life during this time of COVID-19

 Lots of people went for walks today. Sunshine is giving us the hope for spring! This bit of fresh air really helps the spirits.

I encourage you as family members to help me with reminders about social distancing. Most people are good on this, but a few do like to “bend the rules.” Gently remind family members that walking and standing six-feet apart now can mean a future filled with walks and gatherings.

Today, one resident contacted me for an item, saying she has been so busy she almost forgot to call. So, I asked her to share with me how she fills her time. She recounted her choral group used Facebook for a virtual practice session and another group of friends got together, virtually of course, for coffee. I’m hearing that numerous virtual conversations are occurring, from discussions about books to convening committee meetings using ZOOM video conferencing. Our daily life is finding a way to emerge from this disaster.

This morning, we announced a change in our screening protocols at the front door: A staff member now asks employees screening questions and records their responses instead of simply checking boxes on a form. We think it is important to emphasize the nature of the questions and their purpose as a way to be mindful of our individual responsibilities to contain this virus. We informed everyone at Montgomery Place that an employee’s family member has tested positive. But there’s no need to worry because our employee already had been quarantined for six days and has not been in the building during that time. When we notified the Chicago Department of Public Health, we were told there was no need to report this situation as an active case.

Wednesday was relatively quiet, even with a recent departure in our IT staffing leaving us a bit short-handed. Currently, we have an IT support person, working remotely, whom your parents can call, but this service is not free. Until now, almost all our IT services were provided at no charge to help residents get settled into this new stay-at-home reality. To continue supporting our community’s daily operations, we must ask residents to use and pay the outside vendor. We truly appreciate your understanding regarding IT support.

Please continue to reach out to me. I’ll gladly help arrange services. Any fees will be added to your family member’s account at the end of each month.

Keeping calm…and serving on!

When you call me, you’re helping us do our best not only for your family member but also for everyone in our community. Some of your requests and suggestions have, in fact, sparked ideas for implementing services and encouraging new ways to build our community spirit. Please call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Working together, gives us new ideas for enlivening daily life at Montgomery Place.