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Montgomery Place provides more ways to brighten daily life during this time of COVID-19 

Good Evening from Montgomery Place…

We continue to be blessed because, as of this time, we are COVID-19 free. There are no confirmed or suspected cases in our community.

All in all it was a quiet day. Many residents went out for walks, mostly in our gardens on our Terrace overlooking Lake Michigan. We treasure this setting now more than ever since Mayor Lori Lightfoot this afternoon closed the city’s beaches, parks and trails for walking, biking and running.

At this time we ask residents to confine their strolls to our grounds, so our community remains compliant with city mandates. We know it’s challenging, especially because days are getting longer and warmer. As the temperatures improve, we will look into holding fitness sessions in the garden where we can observe social distancing.

Today we began the Montgomery Place Book Mobile, our library trolley. Our amazing Concierge Creshanna Henry went door-to-door, floor-by-floor, to offer residents a great variety of reading materials to help them pass the time. And many residents watched on their TV in their apartments, the Film Committee’s selections of Guys & Dolls (always a favorite) and The Scent of Green Papaya.

Of note, residents began receiving their 2020 Census Surveys. Some began completing them right away. We helped clarify how to respond to the residency question—“own” or “rent”—and advised to select “rent.”

As always, we want to encourage you to check in with your loved ones and to use video platforms as much as possible to help everyone stay connected. Today is the eleventh day of quarantine. Although the nice weather makes it easy to think that the threat of COVID-19 will end soon and life will return to “normal,” we must prepare ourselves for the possibility that our isolation might, in fact, be extended.

That’s all for today. As always, please let me know any comments, questions or concerns you may have. And know that my team and I are working tirelessly to protect the health and well-being of your loved ones.

We welcome and rely on your calls to make sure we’re responsive to residents’ needs and wishes. Some simply don’t like to ask. Please call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Working together, gives us strength.  

Be well…