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Montgomery Place focuses on making daily life a bit easier during this time of COVID-19

 I hope this Saturday night finds each of you well.

 During these last two weeks, we have been serving three meals per day to all residents who didn’t call us to ask for fewer meals. We noticed that many were not eating all the food delivered. Residents and staff were concerned we are wasting food. And in true Hyde Park fashion, no one wants waste.

So for the coming two weeks, we prepared an ordering system that makes it easy for residents to choose if they want a meal delivered or to reduce the number of “extras” such as soup or salad or even dessert. Since issuing a memo with instructions and the new menus on Friday, we discovered that our instructions were unclear, and the print was a bit too small. Our staff quickly responded by making rounds to answer questions and assist with placing meal orders. Please join me in giving a big shout out to my staff for springing into action. We’re working to ensure Sunday’s meal delivery goes well.

Residents are getting bored, restless and just plain tired of this Stay-At-Home mandate. I don’t blame them! While I encourage them to reach out to friends and family to chat, will you please do the same? Encourage them to contact those “lost friends” or distant relatives. This challenge is worldwide, so I’m certain they’ll connect with others facing the same challenge.

We have expanded our Café into a mini-mart convenience store stocking household items, including toilet paper and tissues, laundry soap and pain reliever. Tell us what else we can source so they can order items from us rather than having to rely on a delivery from you or Amazon. We will build out our ‘store’ as best we can.

Please continue to share your suggestions and call at any time with questions so my staff and I can do more to assist you and your family. My mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, is the quickest way to connect.

 Working together, makes Stay-At-Home a bit easier.