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Montgomery Place continues to make residents’ safety its highest priority during this time of COVID-19

Today we announced to residents and families that Montgomery Place was informed a former short-term stay rehab patient tested positive for COVID-19 after the patient left Montgomery Place on March 26.

While all of us probably anticipated this could happen, the news still caused a wave of emotions—a mixture of panic, anxiety and, as one person said, “an impotence” due to lack of control. For us, it was somewhat defeating because we are working so diligently to ward off this virus. Yet we all knew it was only a matter of when…not if.

Now that we are at this next juncture, we still have work to do and news to share.

Residents are not infected. YEAH!

Our goal is keep going with this status as long as possible. Our team has discussed plans to further limit cross-use of staff between levels of care. We also are evaluating delivery methods to increase the distancing between staff and residents when making deliveries for meals, mail and other needs. Such separations will be challenging.

For our staff, we anticipate increased cases of illness to reduce our workforce, causing it to be more challenging to not cross-utilize staff. We know that personal interaction is what residents crave. So reducing our contact time with residents may  cause increases in depression and loneliness. Many residents must have interaction due to medical or other conditions. These opposing goals challenge us.

This coming week, we are starting bi-weekly housekeeping. But to reduce interaction time, each resident will be asked to wait in the elevator lobby while a cleaning team tackles their apartment. Teams are estimating a 40-minute turnaround period. I’m hearing everyone is ready for a clean unit, so this should go well. We will share more details during our three daily updates.

We appreciate how you keep your faith in us. We continue to dedicate ourselves to the lives of all whom we touch.

Please call my mobile phone, 773-617-1317, at any time so I can answer your  questions or be of further assistance. Working together, helps us serve residents.

You can find prior daily reports via my blog on our website. Check them out!

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