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Montgomery Place sings happy birthday to one of its own, daily life during this time of COVID-19

 Several days ago (sorry, I’m losing all sense of the calendar) I told residents of a phenomena which occurred at 8:00pm in the various high-rise buildings near my apartment downtown.

Residents stepped onto their balconies to sing and play music for about five minutes to demonstrate their solidarity in the face of feeling isolated while honoring our Stay-At-Home policy. It is a wonderful respite: hearing sounds to uplift spirits while knowing that my neighbors, who surely are bored, found a way to make connections and still respect social distancing.

Today, residents on the fifth floor at Montgomery Place, conducted their own version of a sing-a-thon as they all moved into their doorways and surprised Father Bob Orpen, who turned 99 years young today, with a hearty rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

A sense of community thrives at Montgomery Place! Our residents are daily finding new ways to make it happen!

While Montgomery Place remains COVID-19-free, we report that one nighttime part-time staff member, who works on the second floor in the healthcare wing, has tested positive.

Today, we immediately added extra precautions for all staff members to include:

  • Staff members now wear masks at all times
  • Staff members now limit their exposure zones
  • Staff members in the healthcare wing now only move between floors when their responsibilities require them to do so

And, I’m pleased to report that our second-floor team is enforcing this new protocol. When Paul Zappoli, our Chief Operating Officer, went to the second floor today, a nurse stopped him and told him he needed to leave. Paul was delighted and complimented her for taking seriously our new protocol to restrict access.

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Everyone is starting to settle into routines. We continue to count our blessings for health and wish everyone the same.

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Singing together, lightens our hearts.