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Montgomery Place takes more precautions, cleans apartments, savors wine and cheese virtual gathering—daily life during this time of COVID-19

It’s Tuesday. Wine and cheese day! Our wine trolley traversed the building delivering to each resident a bit of wine, cheese, crackers and fruit. We encouraged residents to virtualize this weekly event with friends via technology.

Our housekeeping crew worked hard today and completed cleaning apartments on floors 11 through 14. Everyone enjoys having a clean apartment. On Wednesday, our team will start at 8:00am on floors 8 through 10. Starting on Thursday, our housekeepers will clean apartments on the single-digit floors.

Those of you who read the Hyde Park Herald will see an article about a former short-term stay rehab patient who tested positive after leaving Montgomery Place. This is the same patient we disclosed to all of you over the weekend.

Today, however, we observed a resident with symptoms similar to COVID-19. We already have sent a test kit for analysis but, in the abundance of precautions, we are taking the procedures for isolating this resident. We will share the results, once we receive this information.

We continue to do all we can to reduce interactions, but they do occur. Here, points of interaction include twice daily taking residents’ temperature and checking for symptoms; delivering three meals a day and mail after it’s been sanitized; and moving through the building with our book mobile and wine and cheese trolley.

I mentioned to residents today, we will process automated monthly payments on Friday, April 3, instead of our typical scheduled processing date on the 10th of each month.

The reason? As we sustain our efforts to secure significantly more supplies (paper goods, hand sanitizers, gloves, masks and so on), we need to be exceptionally responsive to vendors with quick prompt payments to keep our high priority position with them. For those who are not on auto-pay, will you please pay your monthly statement earlier than you usually do? I hope you can understand and can help us out in this manner.

Your next note from me will be on Thursday, April 2, because I am taking Wednesday as a day of rest. You can count on our fantastic management team here supporting me and all of your loved ones.

On Wednesday, I encourage you to call the mobile phones of Paul Zappoli, our Chief Operating Officer, at 917-821-4725, and Stefanie Dziedzic, our Chief Relationship Officer, at 773-304-8247. Each and every day, they are supported by many wonderful managers, leaders and staff members. Please reach out to Paul and Stefanie with any concerns during the next 36 hours.

Thank you for your confidence in our work.

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