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Montgomery Place offers test to more residents during this time of COVID-19

 Happy May Day!

This afternoon and evening, I spent time reading articles about the pandemic, as well as listening to podcasts and watching two series on Netflix. The first in the Netflix series was filmed before COVID-19 emerged as a worldwide threat.

I am fascinated by the dedication of the scientists and researchers around the world who work to do so much. They track diseases carried by birds through migration patterns and develop ways to trace positive cases of flu viruses. They also are educating all of us and promoting development of vaccinations. These scientists and physicians, who put themselves at the forefront of outbreaks and willingly have direct contact with infected patients, are totally amazing.

What I learned through my research supports much of what we have been doing. Hygiene, masks, contact tracing and isolation are practices promoted all over the world for nearly all virus outbreaks. I also was reminded we have been fighting viruses for hundreds of years. And it is through the dedication of scientists and their work to create vaccines that we will achieve the best way we have to control these viruses.

Researchers and scientists have been working to create COVID-19 vaccines since the virus was first identified in China. Their global efforts require cooperation with and between governments, religious leaders, medical providers and the general public. Without the cooperation of all, especially by the general public, efforts to overcome viruses will fail.

Do we have the necessary resolve? States are starting to open up more businesses and public gathering places. Will this decision result in a new spike in the curve? Only time will tell.

The United States finally is increasing testing, especially in Illinois. Test kits are becoming more readily available. At Montgomery Place, we have secured test kits and on Monday we will share more information about rolling out a plan to offer the opportunity to be tested to independent living residents.

Have a good day tomorrow and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

And while you’re going about your new Saturday routine, please feel free to call me on my mobile phone, 773-617-1317, at any time.

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