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Montgomery Place looks up and to the near future during this time of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family,

Today, the medical teams in Chicago were honored by the Blue Angels flying over our city’s main hospitals. We had the good fortune to be on the flight path three times. The airplanes entered our neighborhood just over the Museum of Science and Industry. After circling south and west the squadron headed toward Advocate Christ Medical Center and then circled back to fly over the University of Chicago Medical Center campus before heading north just over our downtown Hyde Park. 

Montgomery Place again was on the Blue Angels’ route as they returned from Northwestern Memorial Hospital, flying over the Loop and past Mercy Hospital along the Lakefront. And they quite literally flew over us as they headed back out over the Lake toward Indiana.

About 20 of our staff members were on our rooftop to see this event. We posted footage of this exciting experience on our social media accounts and shared it with our residents during our 5pm Nightly News program on Channel 4. It was a beautiful day for flying and for being outside. What a treat!

Also today, I announced some very minor adjustments to the daily routine for independent living residents with the goal of giving them a chance to practice social distancing and face mask wearing. Because we have a reasonable level of confidence COVID-19 is not present in residents at this time, we have started encouraging residents to consider leaving their apartments for brief excursions on campus only.

These excursions include picking up mail and packages, which we will still sanitize; picking up to-go meal orders at the Café; and visiting our nurse during clinic hours three times per week. None involve leaving Montgomery Place’s campus. While doing so, we still adhere to the “Stay-at-Home” executive order because Montgomery Place is our home. At this time, we are not allowing guests into our building because they also should comply with the “Stay-at-Home” order.  

As we embark on a learning process for many, we think it is important to begin our learning among our own Montgomery Place family. Some people may not be ready to take these steps because each person has a different comfort level. No one is required to leave his or her home if someone is not ready to do so. Our staff will continue to deliver mail, packages and Café orders on a more limited schedule. 

Will you please discuss with your family members how to gauge a comfort level for increasing exposure? We will work with everyone as we gradually begin to modify our daily routines.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Sharing an exciting day, brings joy to our community.   

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