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Montgomery Place embarks on a new way of life during this time of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family,

It is so wonderful to see a few faces (behind the masks) venturing out today! We started inviting residents to come to the first floor to pick-up their “to-go” items and their mail as we begin the phase of re-opening and learning to live in a COVID-19 world. Some residents did explore and venture out.

It was a beautiful day and many enjoyed getting out for a few minutes of fresh air. I caution residents that we cannot let down our guard as COVID-19 is still lurking out there. But we do need to consider how to live in this new environment of pandemic.

We have talked about social distancing, promoted as the way to live. But a manager tonight suggested, we shouldn’t distance ourselves socially, only physically. Social interaction is vitally important to our psychological well-being. We need to continue social interactions, but at a distance. So shouldn’t the term be called physical distancing?

The biology of this virus suggests that when we have physical interactions within a confined space for prolonged periods of time, we increase our risk of exposure and infection. This is physical distancing. With social distancing, we remove ourselves from connections via telephone and technology that are growing in availability.

In our efforts to begin to learn how to live in this new world of pandemic, let’s learn how to physically distance without becoming disconnected socially. Zoom, Facebook, Amazon Echo and so many more resources are available to stay socially connected. Let’s use them! I’m seeing 90+ year-olds learning to use new technology. You are never too young to learn and try new things!

I fully understand and empathize with the need and desire to touch and hug. I’ve now physically distanced but socially connected with both my daughter and my daughter-in-law on their 30th birthdays. Oh…how I want to give them hugs! Instead, I view myself as a pioneer, who ventured a long distance from home with only the written word—dispatched by Pony Express, not FedEx—to sustain my social connections. Yet many families survived these long-distance relationships for years and in some cases lifetimes.

We, too, can survive this pandemic. Be strong and be resilient. Chronicle your stories and together we can write a book about this, someday.

Still COVID-19-free!

During the last several weeks, many of us have talked more frequently than the last few years. Share your suggestions about our first steps into this new world. Just call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Seeing each other, strengthens our connectivity.

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