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Montgomery Place welcomes new rehab patients, adheres to best practices during this time of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family,

I took off half of today and plan to take off all of Saturday away from Montgomery Place to refresh my mind and soul. On Friday, after a few hours’ drive beyond Chicago’s city limits, I saw freshly tilled fields and new leaves on trees, a beautiful sight giving hope for spring and new things to come. I shopped for groceries in a small town in central Illinois, where the impact of COVID-19 is so much less in total numbers as compared with the City of Chicago. I was surprised to see how the grocery staff seemed so less attentive to the concepts of sanitation and social distancing that we experience in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

One clerk was wearing a mask on her chin. There were no sanitation cautions between clerks and customers and no plastic shields to protect both. What bothered me the most was seeing a facemask improperly warn because we spend so much time talking about facemasks in our daily lives at Montgomery Place. Perhaps it may be one reason metro Chicago is starting to lower to under 20 percent its percentage of cases compared with total tests and why some other Illinois regions are not.

As I was discussing educating citizens how to embrace this essential precaution with a group of friends, we brainstormed ideas about how to remind people to don masks and to socially distance. We decoded the winning phrase from that session was “Facemasks are required to socialize.” Maybe the acronym for this phrase will serve as a mnemonic device that prompts us to at least distance physically, if not socially. Think about it!

I am glad to report that we are back to accepting new rehab patients to the skilled nursing care wing on the second floor. Our precautions, already in place, are designed to keep everyone safe while we meet the needs of individuals who are ready for rehabilitation care. Our staff members are safe and remain free of COVID-19 at this time.

Tomorrow, I plan to take a one-day hiatus from writing my daily message and trust you appreciate how a pause can refresh. On Sunday, I return to Montgomery Place and look forward to connecting with you then. Have a good Saturday!

Our able and dedicated leadership team is at the helm on campus on Saturday. But if you’d like to talk with me, please call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Pausing to refresh, strengthens our resolve.

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