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Montgomery Place plans ways to get together during this time of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family,

Today was just plain wet! For the most part, everyone stayed inside. We had a few venturesome spirits who went for walks in the rain! The next few days are forecast for much of the same.

To help residents get through these darker wet days, we are beginning to ease some of the socialization restrictions, starting on Monday. To start, we are encouraging residents to socialize in small groups of two to four people, while they comply with guidelines for social distancing and wearing of masks. We are opening the Lounge and Library to give residents a chance to visit and see spaces other than their apartments.

We also are suggesting that residents can begin inviting each other to their apartments. We are including a strong recommendation to not eat or drink during any of these social gatherings because doing so would require individuals to not wear face masks.

Just like the Governor and the Mayor, we do not have the capacity or the desire to police all individual behavior. We rely on each person’s own commitment to themselves to not get sick and to not spread this virus to others. When we do observe someone not following our guidelines, we will talk with them. Please understand that our comments aim to ensure the greater good of all.

I already am working on the next phase of reopening to coincide with the State and City plans for whenever shops for beauticians and barbers can reopen. So many want and need haircuts. Let’s just remember our stylists have been without work for several months, so we should be generous with our tips as they work to make sure we return to our picture-perfect presentations.

Remember to keep smiles on your faces! We can see it in your eyes!

If you have any questions or requests, call my mobile phone, 773-617-1317.

Planning our thoughtful reopening, unites us.

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