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Montgomery Place shares helpful hints on making life easier during this time of COVID-19 

Dear Friends and Family, 

Today, we shared a bit of humor regarding hosting Zoom meetings. If you have participated in Zoom or other virtual meeting platforms, you will understand the humor this offers.  

Other bits of news:  The podiatrist is finally scheduling appointments! Services begin on this Friday, May 22. The podiatrist will make house calls to apartments, and will be fully prepared to wear PPE. Residents have received information on how to make appointments. 

We will be in mask-wearing mode for quite some time. Those of us in the healthcare  field are experiencing some challenges that others will encounter as time, and summer, come along. Masks can create two challenges: sore ears and acne.   

Here are a few solutions discussed on several forums and even on CNN that you might consider: 

For sore ears

  • We have an available supply of Ear Savers at the front desk. Place these plastic strips behind your head and hook your mask to them. 
  • Another solution I recently discovered is to thread four-hole buttons with a small rubber band and slide the rubber band onto each earpiece of your glasses. Then, hook your mask to the buttons.   


Most of us have outgrown the incidence of pimples, rosacea or other challenges to the facial skin. Prior to COVID-19, healthcare staff generally wore masks for five to 30 minutes at a time with a break in between. Now wearing a face mask 100 percent of the time during an entire shift, they are learning new techniques to keep skin clean.  A variety of facial products are listed in the CNN article for your consideration.  

  • Wear face masks made of 100 percent cotton or natural fibers instead of synthetic fibers.
  • Be cautious about wearing trendy face masks now hitting the market. Think about how your face might react. 

Other tips from the frontline

  • Women might consider adjusting their makeup regime. I still apply some foundation in the morning (habits!) but I have given up on lipstick. Most of my foundation ends up on my mask, so I try to remind myself that only my eyes are seen…so just concentrate on them.  
  • To keep your eyeglasses from fogging up with a face mask, place the edge of your face mask under the bottom of the frames of your glasses. Also wash your glasses with a mild soapy water; just shake off excess water and let them air dry (only use a soft cloth to touch up streaks). The soap film reduces the surface tension for water molecules that develops on your lenses.  

Those are my tips for the day! Hope you have a great evening. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time. 

Learning from each other, makes life easier.   

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