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Montgomery Place sets a new normal in assisted living and skilled nursing care during this time of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been some time since I’ve talked about how life is progressing in our Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care wings. That is where COVID-19 had the largest impact on the daily lives of our staff and residents. Now, we are moving forward.

In a section of the Skilled Nursing Care on the second floor, we created a COVID-19 unit to care for residents who tested positive. Still in place are some of that care unit’s features including a “zip-wall” and negative air pressure units, so we are prepared for protocols as we are admitting again new patients needing skilled care or rehab and for possible future cases.

Montgomery Place has begun accepting new patients from local hospitals.

With the “zip-wall” open now, we use rooms in this area for new admissions during the first 72-hours of their stay with us. During this 3-day period, we monitor individuals for symptoms related to COVID-19. While they are being monitored, these patients receive short-term stay rehab and skilled nursing care services they need.

Your family members, who are in our long-term care area, are starting to enjoy some socialization among themselves. Residents, who are able to do so, walk with staff in the hallways and sit in areas where they can observe more daily life in their wing. We monitor everyone to ensure social distancing and we do our best to keep in contact with you throughout the week. If you would like frequent contact, please let me know. Our life enrichment team is bringing together two or three residents for brief activities sessions. Residents still eat in their rooms because our dining room remains closed.

Assisted Living residents are circulating in common areas. Although space is limited due to social distancing, some now eat in the dining room where they are seated 6-feet apart. We also encourage residents to participate in small group activities. Our staff connects you with your loved ones via telephone or video chat. Let us know if you need to speak more frequently. During the week of May 25, our staff and residents are teaming up to plant the gardens now that the weather is agreeable.

In the coming weeks, we will again admit professional providers for hospice and home health, as well as specialty physicians such as a podiatrist. Beauty and barber services also will be available in June. For these services, everyone is required to wear a face mask and practice social distancing.

Montgomery Place maintains its no visitor policy because the IDPH and CDPH have not changed their guidance rules for skilled nursing care and assisted living centers. Please know, we are eager to assist in any way we can to keep you and your loved ones connected and to increase the number of opportunities for socializing.

May you all have a safe Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Please let me know how we can be of service by calling my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Reuniting lifts our spirits.

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