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Montgomery Place ready to explore new ways of life during this time of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family,

Remember playing the “what do you want to be when you grow up” game? Testing your imagination and pretending to be a firefighter, a bus driver, a teacher, a plumber or a doctor. It was fun as a child to dress up and role play these different jobs. And it’s even more fun as a parent, teaching your child to learn and to explore what different jobs entail.

I wonder if, as we emerge from this global pandemic, children will aspire to become a doctor, a nurse, a laboratory tech or a research biologist who will be on-the-job to fight the next pandemic.

The world’s jobs will be different. After these last few months of working from home, companies will discover they may not need the expensive real estate of office buildings. Individuals will have learned new communication skills affecting their daily interactions with clients and co-workers.

Efficiencies have been identified and will change how we do things. We may not see as many retail locations as we have learned to shop online. We may see changes in how products are advertised based on web browsing to shop. We already are seeing a change with medical visits via telemedicine. What will be next?

Envisioning how global and societal changes can occur and imagining their impact on each can scare and excite! Choosing to innovate and experiment with new ideas is the foundation of how our society survives, morphs and advances.

For me, personally, I choose to be involved, to ask, “what can we be?” As we abandon the isolation of Stay-at-Home orders, we will see a different way of living. How we each choose to embrace these changes will define us.

You can be sure change will occur at Montgomery Place. We might not yet know what those changes may look like, but we are confident they will happen. Embrace change! Try new things and new ways! Be a part of defining what Montgomery Place will be as we “grow up!”

Please share your ideas and call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Embracing change, opens up new possibilities.

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