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Montgomery Place evaluates risks as it reopens during this time of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family,

The “rider and the elephant” is an intriguing way the authors, whose books I use to teach leadership strategies, symbolize rational vs. emotional processes. The rider, who represents the rational approach, offers well-researched data to support ideas. Still this rider must deal with the strong emotions of the elephant, who focuses on feelings rather than facts. Both have very valid perspectives and positions.

Elephant-sized emotions can fuel energy and drive to accomplish great things. Or they can immobilize an elephantine object if its feelings conflict with a goal. So the rider must devise ways to appeal to those emotions in order to align a goal with the elephant’s desires. Once both the rider and the elephant are in harmony, they can accomplish almost any goal.

As we approach the reopening of Chicago and Montgomery Place, we ought to think like a rider and rationally study the risks we may face if we open too quickly. We also should tighten the reins on our emotional elephant, which may charge in a direction too quickly to satisfy desires. For us, spending time with family or finally celebrating over long dinners represent solutions for authentic emotional needs. Knowing we have the power to balance our rider and our elephant helps us manage our fears and overcome paralysis by analysis.

I share your emotional desires. I, too, want to see family and get back to doing what brings me joy. For now, however, my role is to serve as the rider for Montgomery Place, helping us employ an evidence-based approach to evaluating risks of some of the choices now before us. Let’s all stay focused on the goal…staying healthy and alive.

Patience, my friends…

Please share with me your perspectives, as riders and elephants, about our nascent process as we prepare to reopen Montgomery Place. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, when it is convenient for you.

Taking care of our riders and elephants can achieve one goal.

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