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Montgomery Place plans for more socializing during this time of COVID-19

Dear Friends and Family,

As the State and City are at the threshold of a transition to Phase 3, we, too, are ready to expand services and encourage gradual exposure to the world beyond Montgomery Place.

 Here are a few highlights of things that will start happening this coming week.

For Independent Living

Housekeeping returns to regular schedule 6/1/20

Housekeeping team returns to bi-weekly schedule with one staff member per apartment.

Resident may stay during process.

Deep cleaning is available on request.

Non-emergency maintenance in apartments 5/26/20 Call for maintenance items in your apartment.
Submit work orders for small items.
Resident may stay during the process.
Podiatrist appointments 5/22/20 Appointments being scheduled.
Visits are in your apartment.
Personal trips for medical appointments 5/26/20 MP drivers will take you to medical appointments.
Contact your provider to learn protocols at your physician’s office.
Driver will NOT enter any physician’s  office. Curbside service only.
Garage 6/1/20 Feel free to go for a drive.
You can enter the building through the lower level garage entrance.
Please check in/out at front desk before/after your adventure.
Fitness and Tai Chi classes 6/1/20 Classes offered in East Room starting this week. Watch for schedule.
Limited attendance to 10 people.
Residents returning from stay with family, new residents Anytime 14-day quarantine required before participation in other activities.
Home Health and Hospice, not home healthcare 6/1/20 Visiting nurses and staff from Home Health and Hospice will be allowed.
No home care services will extend beyond a 20-minute visit.
No exceptions will be made.
Movie Nights in the Lounge 6/1/20 Chairs positioned so no more than 10 people at a time are allowed to watch film in the Lounge.
US Mail 6/1/20 Mail delivery to U.S. Post Office boxes begins.
Daily newspaper delivery to your door 6/1/20 Route person delivers; no longer MP staff
Salon 6/3/20 Third floor Salon opens.
Call x7470 for appointments.
Bus excursions 6/15/20 Driving excursions being planned for  residents to leave building to enjoy seeing sights.

 Masks for all ▪ Always ▪ No exceptions ▪ Help each other enforce this protocol!

For Assisted Living
We returned to community dining last week, while observing social distancing in the dining room. The number of activity programs is increasing and residents are circulating throughout the floor more frequently. The rooftop garden is open and residents are plantings flowers. With the exception of live entertainment and visitors, this community is operating close to normal.

We endeavor to make sure everyone wears masks, but individuals with memory challenges sometimes do not remember to keep the masks in place. 

For Skilled Nursing Care
Once again, we are accepting admissions from the hospitals into short-term rehab. All new admissions were tested for COVID-19 and follow 72 hours of isolation protocols as we monitor them.

Therapy is back in full-service mode with social distancing practiced. Those residents of long-term care are returning to their normal routines. As a precaution due to the size of our dining room, we continue to serve meals to residents in their rooms.

Administration and Staffing
By Monday, June 15, all staff will be back to work! Most work has returned to our normal operating process, with much less time focused on COVID-19 related issues. Workloads have shifted to new service areas such as meal deliveries to rooms instead of serving in the dining rooms. Many staff members are eager to get involved with more aspects of the operation outside of their normal workflow. Staff members are holding in-person meetings, respecting distancing and wearing face masks.

Assuming staff and residents continue to remain virus-free, more areas of service and movement will open up in the coming weeks. We know everyone is anxious to visit with family at Montgomery Place. Plans are in process to make those visiting experiences safe and within guidelines when we are able to do so.

We also are hiring to fill vacancies that naturally occur over time.

Be safe! Stay healthy!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can answer any questions or be of further assistance. Call my mobile phone number, 773-617-1317, at any time.

Being mindful of safety, makes spreading our wings more enjoyable.

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