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Montgomery Place offers life-lessons on how to start your day during this time of COVID-19

Dear Family and Friends,

Some years back, my job required me to work from home for nearly six months. So  I set up an office to create fairly reasonable working conditions in my home. I participated in WebEx meetings; made a lot of phone calls; and joined a smattering of face-to-face meetings throughout the week.

I soon discovered that on those days when I did not have video conference calls or person-to-person meetings, I did not always prepare myself for my workday. For instance, I found myself staying in my PJs well into the morning, with no makeup and wearing much more casual clothes. Along with the more casual look, I could see that my work attitude also became more casual.

This casual approach to working from home is not a new phenomenon. Many office-at-home individuals have expounded on this topic for quite a few years. To overcome  it, we have to establish a routine and stick to it. Get up at the same time each day. Prepare yourself as if you are going to the office by starting the day with a routine. Take a shower, put on at least a minimum of makeup and get dressed. Stay on schedule! These basic patterns help you to be intentional about your day.

As you now are faced with much more time in your apartments and homes, are you finding yourself becoming too casual? Have you established a routine? How does your approach to starting your day affect your view on the daily world? With another 30 days or more in our Stay-at-Home challenge, now might be the time to evaluate and start adjusting your mindset and schedule.

With retirement, your lives changed. You no longer have to get dressed for coffee or breakfast. Are you getting dressed in the morning? Or do you find it’s taking longer to start and move through your day? With meals brought to you at Montgomery Place, are you refreshing yourself as you prepare for dinner? Just because you won’t be seen by your friends you still should value how you present yourself for the day.

I believe each of us needs to first feel good about ourselves in order to feel good about our world around us.

Sunday was a relatively quiet day at Montgomery Place. We focus on keeping residents engaged for the next 30 days as Illinois’ Stay-at-Home order continues.

I have corrected the information about the impact of COVID-19 on residents at Montgomery Place which I had shared on Saturday evening. One individual who lives in assisted living, who is well past the 14-day quarantine period, continues to be faced with physical challenges related to the virus. Our resident remains in the hospital, and we watchfully monitor this person’s health conditions. Please accept my apology for the misstatement last evening.


COVID-19 Tracking Cases for Montgomery Place

Independent Living Residents
Assisted Living
Skilled Nursing Care Staff
Cases recovered 3 1 9 11
Cases hospitalized 1 1
At home recovering 1
Recovering in skilled nursing care
Death* due to COVID-19



Total cases 3 2 10 13

*Death was not due to COVID-19, but person tested positive

If you have any suggestions about how people can organize their days during our Stay-at-Home period as well as questions and requests, please call me at any time. My mobile phone number is 773-617-1317.

 Preparing for the day, gives us a sense of purpose.   

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